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Supercell of Giving Benefit Concert


Posted Feb 13, 2008 by Paul

(co-written with NashvilleHype! contributing writer Cathryn Gipson)

A week ago today was beautiful, almost picture perfect to some. The temperature was in the mid-70’s. The breeze was gentle. It seemed like the perfect Spring day. A good day to wash the truck, drive around with the windows down, maybe even hit a golf ball or two. Some might say last Tuesday was also a historical day as the polls were lined with voters making their choice for a new leader of this country. Several hours later, people began to realize that there really is a calm before the storm.

What had been given as a warning sign earlier in the day grew as sheer terror in the eyes of many throughout the night. To some, it would be their last. This is what the next morning brought to hundreds of people across the state:

We’re told a ‘supercell’ crossed the state bringing with it 50 plus tornadoes. It left 31 people dead, over 1100 needing assistance, and a cleanup bill of nearly $100 million. If you are reading this now, like us, you were fortunate.

Last Thursday evening, two days after the storm, I was talking with Cathryn about how blessed we were and how so many people had lost so much when she said, “we should have a benefit to help”. Yes, we should. And so that night we began planning. By the next afternoon we had the venue, date, time, and several artist had already agreed to participate. We searched for partners and we found two of the best around – Fresh Design + film and the Red Cross.

We decided to name it the “Supercell of Giving Benefit Concert” because ‘supercells’ don’t necessarily have to bring tornadoes – maybe in this case, they’ll bring hope and healing.

Below is not a full list of the artist’s we have booked or are working on getting – we hope to have several ‘surprise guest’ in store. In short, we are diligently working to raising as much money as we can for these families. Our heart’s go out to those in need, and if we can make a difference, we’re going to! These artist’s are giving their time and effort for a great cause, and we thank them for their help and caring heart.

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