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Posted Feb 20, 2008 by Paul
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(ed. note: This is part of an ongoing series introducing the artists that will be performing for the Supercell of Giving Benefit Concert to help those affected by the recent tornadoes. Kelci is spunky and we’re excited to have her perform.)

By Cathryn Miller-Gipson

Wow! Talk about a lot of living in 16 years! Kelci Paige has done her share and then some! She not only records hit songs – she writes, acts and models when time allows.

In many ways, the Pop music world is probably a more difficult to maneuver than the Country music world. There are literally millions of young artists, raised on Radio Disney, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical, all wanting their shot to ‘be’ one of those artist. After all, TV makes it look so easy! But as everyone working in the real world will tell you, rarely if ever is anything so easy. That’s one reason to really be impressed with Kelci.

Kelci’s resume includes being a a finalist on PAX-TVs America’s Most Talented Kids, she won Radio Disney’s Vocal Talent Search two years in a row, has been seen performing at Six Flags Over Texas in the Johnnie High Country Music Revue with LeAnn Rimes, in the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving half-time show, and was even featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

In short, Kelci has worked HARD to get where she is today – and more, where she’s going in the future. What she’s accomplished is nothing short of amazing considering. Oh, what has she really accomplished? Get this – 781 THOUSAND views and 1 MILLION 300 THOUSAND plays on MySpace! In other words, Kelci, through hard work, sheer talent and determination, has risen above the noise and found herself on an ever growing heap of REAL fans. You’re about to see and hear why…

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