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Posted Feb 23, 2008 by Paul
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(ed. note: This is part of an ongoing series introducing the artists that will be performing for the Supercell of Giving Benefit Concert to help those affected by the recent tornadoes. We are looking forward Dustin playing for us at this benefit and on his birthday at that!)

By Cathryn Miller-Gipson

Dustin Bogue is a singer/songwriter living in Nashville by way of Sac City, Iowa. Although his journey is one that is now very busy in downtown Nashville performing, getting this far is nothing short of a miracle. At a young age Dustin was both treated and diagnosed with a rare childhood illness that would set the stage for his pure determination. His grandfather gave him a guitar that would position him on this path to music. Working with Dave Fowler and Kelly Schoenfeld, Dustin produced his second full length album, “Proud”. One of the more catchy tunes is “The Way You Drive”. It has sassiness along with attitude.

As of this February, Dustin is in the early stages of working on his latest video to his song, “It Takes A Burn To Learn” with Glenn Sweitzer of Fresh Film and Design. Dustin says,

“It is a song that I wrote when I first moved to Nashville. It is a song that is basically about regret, living with it, dealing with it, and getting over it.”

He will also have fellow musician and NashvilleHype! artist Kristen Kukta in the video. She will play the love interest.

Dustin says as far as his music goes,

“I don’t want to just call it country, though my strongest influences are most definitely true COUNTRY artists. I like to think it has a bit of a kick to it. We like to have a lot of energy in our shows. We tend to leave the pretty ballads and good ol’ tear jerkin’ country to the, “sittin’ around the porch pickin sessions”. It’s all good! I JUST LOVE TO JAM!” Writing with friends, playing shows, recording… It’s what I live for.”

Some of Dustin’s influences include names such as Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Darryl Singletary, George Strait and Dwight Yokum. He also finds a bit of a rebellious side with other influences such as Steve Earle and Cross Canadian Ragweed.

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