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Posted Oct 2, 2007 by Paul
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Kristen Kukta has finally released some new music on her website. I’ve been wanting to tell you about Kristen for several months now but, because of the recordings not being finished, I had no way for you to hear who I was talking about.

I met Kristen a couple weeks ago at the Rascal Flatts concert and she’s just as sweet and funny (and goodlooking) as her pictures on her page. She certainly has personality. But how’s the music?

On Kristen’s page you’ll find three new songs: “Thirsty Again”, “Breathless”, and “I Love You I Hate You”.

“Thisty Again” is easily Kristen’s pop/AC/country crossover song. It incorporates everything that made Shania a household name. There’s very little ‘country’ about it – no southern drawl, no up-front instrumentation – exactly how Shania would have had it. And if Shania can do it, Kristen can do it better – and does. This is a beautiful song and it has just the right emotion needed in the vocal to make the point. This song has ‘strong single for radio’ written all over it and is a good way to introduce Kristen to her audience.

“Breathless” is uptempo country (thanks primarily to the heavy use of steel guitar and fiddles) and has a sortof staccato type vocal delivery – very fast, all leading to the wide open chorus: “His kind of love leaves me breathless”.

“I Love Him I Hate Him” is a song that you might have heard before – it is featured on her site as a live video shot at Lyrics. The studio version of the song is more subdued vocally, more ‘radio friendly’ than the live version, but equally as good. The song has a great hook, the guys a real loser but she still wants him for some reason. The song is written really well and is fun to listen to.

Kristen made the move to Nashville just last year and already is working with several of Nashville’s heavy hitters, including Glenn Sweitzer as media consultant/image/executive producer and Cliff Downs as executive producer/producer. A super-secret country star has agreed to be a vocalist on one duet track.

Together the two are taking the same path they took with Ashley Gearing, whom they were ultimately responsible getting signed to Curb.

Kristen has a cumulative of over 42,000 song plays, despite going for months without having music on her site, some 56,000 page views, and nearly 4,000 fans.

She’s putting the finishing touches on her full length album and it should be released soon.

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