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Posted Nov 14, 2007 by Paul
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NashvilleHype! is proud to present a couple of VERY talented and hardworking sisters named Ashlee and Katrice – The Hewitt Sisters.

Mark my words, these girls are going to be signed and are absolutely going to be huge. Absolutely no doubt about it.

With the eventual demise of the Wreckers, country music, and specifically country music radio is going to suffer a void. The Hewitt Sisters can easily fill that void. And thankfully, they already have hit songs recorded. “Girl in a Car” is a smash. I predict that one day that song will be #1 on the charts with a bullet for these girls.

Ashlee and Katrice were raised on a ranch in Lancaster, Minnesota. They grew up in a family with 13 kids. You read that right, 13. Family, God, hard work, determination – this is where they come from. Their desire to do music full time led to them doing over 120 shows a year for 5 years – that’s before ever moving to Nashville to pursue a record deal! After moving to Nashville early this year, all that touring paid off as they signed with premier booking agent Buddy Lee Attractions – all but unheard of without a label deal.

Think about that for a second. These girls traveled practically every weekend, week in and week out for 5 years – getting their vocals tight, writing songs, learning what they could do and what they needed to improve on – learning who they were as artists and finding out who they wanted to be as people. Before they ever really stepped foot in Nashville. That’s a lesson for some ‘artists’ around here.

It was at one of their shows, opening for Lorrie Morgan, that they met their producer Mark Oliverius. It wasn’t long before they recorded a four song demo. In January they’ll be going back in the studio to record more material – they have “TONS of original songs” to record.

Speaking of writing, think they can’t write? Think again. Years on the road and performing have taught them what it takes to have a hit song. Ashlee even has a new cut and video on Cold River Records recording artist Katie Armiger. Her “17 in Abilene” is getting airplay on CMT and radio across the country and was the highest charting debut for a solo independent artist of 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 on the CountryBreakout Chart. Believe me, these girls can write.

They are talented, beautiful, hard working, and have great songs. If ever there was a ‘perfect’ package for Nashville, without a doubt it would be the Hewitt Sisters.

This one is a no-brainer. Let the bidding war begin.

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