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Posted Jan 23, 2008 by Paul
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If country music, and I’m talking traditional country music, needs to be ‘saved’ (and believe me, it does) then there’s no artists better prepared to save it than Sarah Kaine.

I first heard about Sarah from my friend Glenn Sweitzer who directed an EPK on Sarah that featured the one and only Dolly Parton. Dolly is sold on Sarah, and Glenn is sold on Sarah, and after seeing what I did tonight at her show, I’m definately sold on Sarah.

I can’t tell you the last time I witnessed a truly bonafied traditional country show here in town. It has to be years! So it was so refreshing to see an artists not only sing traditional country, but deliver on the promise it once held.

Does anyone remember George Jones? What about Johnny Cash? Ever hear of Keith Whitley? Sarah has. She covered all three in her show tonight. That right there shows where her heart is. She could’ve chosen (insert the latest ‘hot’ artist of the moment) to cover – but she kept it country.

Sarah has shared the stage with Vince Gill and Loretta Lynn. She is produced by Kent Wells (who also produces Dolly) and as mentioned, Dolly has given her personal approval.

Several years ago there was a alot of talk about traditional country verses new/pop country – my feeling was and still is, they both have their place. You might hear ‘Oh Brother’ and ‘I May Hate Myself in the Morning’, and those records may be huge hits and sell a bunch of records, but they definately aren’t the norm. There’s many reasons why you hear pop to traditional on about a 60 to 1 ratio. From label execs to programming decisions, to the even more dreaded ‘consumer research’. But there’s also simply not been an artist who could, so effortlessly, appeal to the younger country demographic – and I believe this is where Sarah’s real strength lies. She’s the artist who could break down some walls that others couldn’t.

And lest I forget to metion, she’s a heck of a writer as well. She’s telling stories, painting pictures, and in the course of doing so, she’s opening herself up so that everyone can get to know her and where she comes from. And she has a story to tell.

To recap:

1. She’s a traditional country artist.
2. She writes great homespun tales that talk about real life.
3. She’s endorsed by Dolly Parton.
4. She’s shared the stage with many an artist (who all endorse her)
5. She has the ability to break down walls and appeal to a younger demographic without losing older listeners.


6. She has a really cool EPK directed by Glenn Sweitzer.

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