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Posted Feb 16, 2008 by Paul
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(This is the first in an ongoing series introducing the artists that will be performing for the Supercell of Giving Benefit Concert to help those affected by the recent tornadoes.)
By Cathryn Miller-Gipson

With talent and a drive to succeed, we can see a birth of worship in the music coming from Cloudchase.

Erin Sparks sings lead vocals and adds some acoustic spunk to this upcoming self proclaimed modern/alternative Christian rock band. With a sound mix all their own it seems to be a whimsical cry of one’s soul reaching out to God through the trials of life. Walking along this path with his wife, Zak Sparks accompanies with calming background vocals and bass. Matt Spell lends a hand with pure electric guitar notes, acoustics and back ground vocals. It seems though the real glue for this group would be the songwriter/producer, Scott Faircloff who’s vision for the group helped shape their overall sound.

While keeping steadily busy playing at local churches and large events throughout the region, the focus remains set on the heavens above, as well as getting huge support from their fan base for strength and encouragement.

In 2006, Cloudchase released thier debut cd, Another World, the atmosphere on the e.p. is one that will take you flying in the wind feeling free from all that has gotten you down, and while listening to the words of comfort, it reminds you that

“…you were born for something better than this.”

Giving you the ground to stand up upon that there is purpose for you and who you are! In their words,

“We’re all about chasing and getting after what we’ve been made for: dreams, relationships, things bigger and better than us!”

They continue to shout:

“The chase is on!”

We will certainly keep our eyes open for this talented group as they chase their dreams in the heavenly clouds!

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