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Posted Dec 16, 2007 by Paul
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Kelsey Skaggs is awesome! I first met Kelsey a couple of weeks ago when I listened to her hit song, “Facebook Admirer“. That song is such a hit on so many levels it’s really hard to describe. For this day and age, it’s literally the perfect pop song.

This evening Kelsey came to Nashville to perform in the 60th annual Toys for Tots campaign held at Opry Mills Mall – let me tell you a little of what happened.

First Kelsey played an hour set. Then, she was asked to come back and play another set. As people streamed around the mall – estimated crowd of 80,000 – Kelsey stood on stage, guitar in hand, and played song after song. More photos were taken, more cd’s sold (and the proceeds donated), and more autographs were signed by Kelsey than anyone else – that’s not surprising really given that Kelsey is not only a rising pop/christian star, she’s also a super talent.

Her songs – funny, cheeky, sometimes downright silly, have a way of sticking in your head. Try it yourself – listen a couple of times to “Pick Up a Book“, one of the songs she has on her Myspace, and then tell me you don’t go around singing that song. It’s impossible not to! (and you may not entirely even like the song, but still you gotta admit, you’re singing it!)

On the Christian side of her songwriting is where Kelsey gets serious with songs like “The Cross“, a song that really lays it on the line about Christ giving His all for us and us not having the right words to say ‘thank you’ – and “Gardener’s Gloves“, a song about wanting nothing more than to be used for His service.

But it’s “Facebook Admirer” where Kelsey really shines – both as a writer and a singer. That song is simply perfect in every way – even in raw, unproduced form – it’s a hit.

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