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Stop Blaming Nashville, It’s Only a City!


Posted Aug 16, 2006 by Paul
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The NashvilleScene has an interesting article this week. To sum it up it’s talks about how there might be a convergence of the stars in the Nashville Rock music scene. This alignment might make it possible for an actual Rock music scene to emerge again, like it did in the 80’s when it seemed that anything that moved could get a record deal. But as always, there’s one BIG problem…

One problem with the article is the overwhelming negative tone. I happen to be an optimist. I hate that just because it’s Nashville that it’s gotta suck or it can’t last. WHY NOT? Why the hell can’t it be great?! And why can’t it last?! These freakin negative people, no offense to the Scene, but give me a break!

There is something happening. It’s artists taking control of their careers. Promoting themselves, their friends, the places they play, the studios they use. PROMOTION is taking place! And as long as artists and writers and studios and publishers and managers and record labels and booking agents and venues – as long as the music INDUSTRY are working together and promoting each other, the buzz isn’t going to stop – doesn’t have to stop – and great things can happen.

My two cents as to what went wrong back in the 80’s?

The same thing that went wrong back then is completely evident in this new article. Being from Nashville is a ‘bad’ thing and won’t translate to the rest of the country or the world. I call BS!

Stop believing that lie. It’s old, tired, and worn out.
What do you think?

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