NashvilleHype! Still Loves Kristen Cothron

It’s talent that attracts me to artist.  Always has been, always will.  Back in 2006 I heard a song by a Nashville artist named Kristen Cothron and immediately I fell in love. “Dangerous”, 4 years later, is still one of my favorite songs to just sit back and listen to.   Grab your headphones, turn up the volume, click play, and just sit back in the brilliance of this song and sound:


Amazing, amazing sound.  It’s a sound that’s almost better than sex.  It’s been four years since that song was released and I wrote a small note about Kristen here on NashvilleHype! – without question, it could be released right now worldwide and, without skipping a beat, become a hit.  Had I been in charge these last four years, I would have done all I could to make sure of it – but no matter, it’s a hit with me.  It’s timeless like that.  But that’s how all Kristen’s music tends to be – timelessly jazz influenced.

Tonight at 8 pm Kristen will be at the Basement for the release of her new Vinyl EP (digital download also available) - it’s her first release of original material since 2006′s ‘Love Letters From A Fool’.

I got a chance to ask Kristen a couple of questions about what’s been happening with her since that time:

What have you been up to since we last had you on site?

I’ve been writing, touring, and recording!   Picked up the electric guitar and love it!   And I have a great new band that I’ve really been enjoying exploring these new songs and arrangements with!   Oh and I just signed with new management, The Barry Wishnow Group and I’m excited about where things are heading.

Who are some of the people you’ve worked with?

I was so excited to get to work with producer, Ben Strano again on this new material.   We really clicked while working on my last record, ‘Love Letters from a Fool.’ I think that chemistry really evolved to a cool place with this last batch of songs.

Have a favorite artist? someone who knocks your socks off?

My absolute favorite is Elvis Costello. I’m a huge fan to the point of obsession.  I love his musical range and I really respect the way he plays with words.  Probably one of my biggest influences as a lyricist.

What’s next?

I’m currently promoting a 3 song EP on Vinyl. It’s a purposefully limited release preceding an LP I’ll be releasing later this year. After the release of the EP I’ll be hitting the road on a solo tour to and from SXSW for the month of March. On return I’ll be working on a new music video for “The Darkside,” and will be finalizing details on the full length record, ‘Show Me Where the Edge Is.’