I’m In Love With Buffy Lawson

There are very, very few artists or songwriters that truly stop me in my tracks.  I mean, the kind of stop where your mind goes away to somewhere else and you simply get lost.  Buffy Lawson is that kind of artist.

I met Buffy as a result of holding the Supercell of Giving Benefit Concert.  It was my partner here at NashvilleHype!, Cathryn, who knew Buf and had ask her to play.  It was the only time during the entire show I actually got a chance to breathe. 

After I introduced Buffy I walked out to the front, and just sat down.  Lost in her talent.  I mean LOST!  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her lost.  It’s un-natural.  Her ability to write a song that has emotion is uncanny.  And her vocal – what can be said?  I’m serious when I say, they don’t encourage you to write songs with emotion here in Nashville, least, not any more. 

But maybe that’s changing.  Jamey Johnson, mister ‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk’  himself has one of the best songs out right now – “In Color”.   What an amazing song. 

And someone I haven’t talked to in way too long, and another co-writer of ‘Honky Tonk Badonadonk’ , Randy Houser has also released a real song – “Anything Goes”- which is a monster song. 

Both of these songs, and the voices behind them, will literally stop you in your tracks.  They’re real.  They deal with life.  They’re country.  And the best news?  Both of these songs are gaining significant airplay.

Which just gives me hope.  Because Buffy Lawson, since leaving Bomshel in order to ‘find her own voice’, has just nailed it.  Again.  Follow that link and you’ll read me raving about “Sentimental Moment” – a song that’s no longer on her Myspace. 

But “Much of a Lady” is.  And you HAVE to go take a listen.  Unbelievable.   Her talent is as beautiful as she is.  That’s really saying something. 

I’m in love with Buffy Lawson.  Her music literally stops me in my tracks.

UPDATE:  “Sentimental Moment” is BACK on Buffy’s site!!  While it’s up, don’t hesitate, go LISTEN!

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