CD Review: Shelly Fairchild/Ruby’s Money

One of my absolute favorite artists to see live is Shelly Fairchild.  She sings a mixture of rock/blues/soul.  It’s just plain good music to my ears! If you haven’t had a chance to see her perform live yet, let me tell you what you are missing…a LOT! Shelly is one of those artists that when you go to her show, she gives you 110% each and every time.  She lays it ALL out there on the stage.  Puts every bit of her heart and soul out there for all to appreciate.  Her voice is powerful and soulful.  Check out her website for show dates.  I know she’s got a show coming up very soon and, if you can’t see her this time, be sure you do in the very near future! Amazing artist!

Now, here’s something that puzzles me.  I know that Shelly auditioned for NBC’s popular talent show, “The Voice“, and wasn’t picked! When I first heard she was auditioning for it my ONLY thought was WHICH judge picked her and who’s team was she on.  I never imagined she wouldn’t be picked because I know Shelly can sing circles around most artists out there.  In my opinion, that was a stupid move on anybody’s part who didn’t pick her to be on that show, especially when I saw who got down to the final 4.   Supposedly the “best of the best”.   Umm…no.  No offense to the people that were chosen for that show.  There were a lot of good ones, but Shelly should’ve been among them and that’s all I’m going to say about that! Still burns me up to think about it…   Heck, even Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler seems to think she’s good enough that he joins her on stage to sing in this video below!

Shelly has a new fully-produced 11 track album available for purchase entitled “Ruby’s Money“.  You can buy it directly from her site at: and at iTunes.  You seriously want to buy this a album.  It’s full of some of the most bluesy, soulful , and rocking songs imaginable.  My favorites? It’s hard to pick just one! “Love Revelation“, “You Said“, “Try the Truth“, and “Take Me Down” are standouts for me.  Just get it.  Shelly doesn’t disappoint.  Ever.